1. A document can be created using________?

A) MS Excel

B) MS PowerPoint

C) MS Word

D) MS Access

Correct Answer: MS Word

2. What is document outline view in MS Office?

A) Medium screen

B) Full screen

C) View of structure & heading at various level

D) Margin view

Correct Answer: View of structure & heading at various level

3. The width of the file extension in MS Office 2007 has _______characters?

A) 4

B) 2

C) 3

D) 5

Correct Answer: 4

4. In MS Word, what is used to replace a word with its synonym?

A) Thesaurus

B) Find & Replace

C) Copy & Paste

D) Find & Correct

Correct Answer: Thesaurus

5. The spelling tool in MS Word is in the _____________ TAB ?



C) Review


Correct Answer: Review

6. In Ms Office 2007, Clipboard option is present under _______ menu:

A) Mailings

B) Home

C) Insert

D) References

Correct Answer: Home

7. The default Print mode for MS Office is?

A) Portrait

B) Web Layout

C) Full screen

D) Landscape

Correct Answer: Portrait

8. Microsoft office is _________?

A) A Browser

B) An application suite

C) An Antivirus

D) An operating system

Correct Answer: An application suite