1. A document can be created using________?

A) MS Excel

B) MS PowerPoint

C) MS Word

D) MS Access

Correct Answer: MS Word

2. What is document outline view in MS Office?

A) Medium screen

B) Full screen

C) View of structure & heading at various level

D) Margin view

Correct Answer: View of structure & heading at various level

3. The width of the file extension in MS Office 2007 has _______characters?

A) 4

B) 2

C) 3

D) 5

Correct Answer: 4

4. In MS Word, what is used to replace a word with its synonym?

A) Thesaurus

B) Find & Replace

C) Copy & Paste

D) Find & Correct

Correct Answer: Thesaurus

5. The spelling tool in MS Word is in the _____________ TAB ?



C) Review


Correct Answer: Review

6. In Ms Office 2007, Clipboard option is present under _______ menu:

A) Mailings

B) Home

C) Insert

D) References

Correct Answer: Home

7. The default Print mode for MS Office is?

A) Portrait

B) Web Layout

C) Full screen

D) Landscape

Correct Answer: Portrait

8. Microsoft office is _________?

A) A Browser

B) An application suite

C) An Antivirus

D) An operating system

Correct Answer: An application suite

9. You can delete one character to the left of cursor using …… key.

A) backspace

B) edit

C) format

D) delete

Correct Answer: backspace

10. In microsoft word to apply hyperlink on selected text which keyboard shortcut is used 

A) Control + k 

B) control  + m  

C) Control  + h 

D) Control+ z 

Correct Answer: Control + k 

11. MS Word is basically used for

A) analyzing the data

B) preparing the various documents

C) creating databases

D) preparing slides

Correct Answer: preparing the various documents

Explanation : MS Word is basically used for preparing the various documents.

12. Which of the following option of print settings is used to choose only specific pages in ms word.

A) Print all pages 

B) Custom print 

C) Print selection 

D) Print current page 

Correct Answer: Custom print 

13. Which of the following documents appears blurred behind the text?

A) Background

B) Watermark

C) Front land    

D) Image

Correct Answer: Watermark