1. An example of C2C is?

A) Facebook.com

B) Microsoft.com

C) eBay.com

D) Amazon.com

Correct Answer: eBay.com

2. ____ change of computer stored message by telecommunication ?

A) E-mail

B) E-Web

C) E-chrat

D) All of the above

Correct Answer: E-mail

3. A program that translate a entire high -level language program into a machine language program ?

A) Assembler

B) Linker

C) Compiler

D) Interpreter

Correct Answer: Compiler

4. You are receiving email from your manager the email has attached 5 MS Word document how many attachment will you be able to view ?

A) 1

B) 5

C) 3

D) 2

Correct Answer: 5

5. The address resolution protocol (ARP) is used for?

A) Finding the IP address from DNS.

B) Finding the IP address of the default gateway

C) Finding the IP address that corresponds to a IP address

D) Finding the MAC address that corresponds to an IP address

Correct Answer: Finding the MAC address that corresponds to an IP address

6. Sending an email is similar to ?

A) Writing a letter

B) Drawing a picture

C) Talking on a phone

D) Sending a package

Correct Answer: Writing a letter

7. D.N.S is ?

A) Data Naming system

B) Do name system

C) Domain name system

D) Duplicate naming system

Correct Answer: Domain name system

8. Email stands for ?

A) Electronic man

B) Electromagnetic Mail

C) electronic mail

D) Engine mail  

Correct Answer: electronic mail

9. All of the following provide intranet security except?

A) Firewall

B) Data encryption

C) Data compression

D) User authentication

Correct Answer: Data compression

10. To send it to another person_____ the message ?

A) Reply all

B) Forward

C) Copy

D) Reply to

Correct Answer: Forward

11. Secure Sockets Layers does which of the following?

A) Creates a secure, private connection to a web server.

B) Encrypts information

C) Sends information over the internet

D) All of the above

Correct Answer: All of the above

12. When sending an email the_______ line describes the content of the message ?

A) To

B) copy

C) Content

D) subject

Correct Answer: subject

13. If a hospital sets up a web based information system that doctors could access the report of patient from other epartment and then prescribe to patient, that would be an example of a ?


B) Extranet

C) Intranet


Correct Answer: Intranet

14. Which of the following term is associated with internet/ email ?

A) Plotter

B) Bookmark

C) Slide presentation

D) Pie chart

Correct Answer: Bookmark

15. The concept of electronic cash is to execute payment by?

A) Credit Card

B) ATM card

C) Using computers over network

D) Cheque

Correct Answer: Using computers over network