1. What is the full form of CD-ROM?

A) Compact Data- Read only memory

B) Compact disk-read only memory

C) Computer data-read only memory

D) Copyright data-read only memory

Correct Answer: Compact disk-read only memory

2. IC chips used in computers are usually made of?

A) Lead

B) Silicon

C) Gold

D) iron

Correct Answer: Silicon

3. What is the full form of BMP?

A) Byte Map

B) Bit Map

C) Byte Map Process

D) Bit Map Process

Correct Answer: Bit Map

4. Which of the following is not logical topology?

A) Star

B) Bus

C) Tree


Correct Answer: LAN

5. Which of the following is software?

A) Routers

B) Firewall

C) Gateway

D) Modem

Correct Answer: Firewall

6. Laser printer work like a ?

A) Fax machine

B) telegraph machine


D) photocopy machine

Correct Answer: photocopy machine

7. Through computer network we can share ?

A) Hardware resources

B) Software application

C) Printer

D) All of these

Correct Answer: All of these

8. Which is not application software?

A) Windows NT

B) Page Maker

C) WinWord XP

D) Photoshop

Correct Answer: Windows NT

9. What is the shortcut to replace text in document ?

A) All of above

B) Alt+R

C) Ctrl+H

D) All of above

Correct Answer: Ctrl+H

10. The File system “NTFS” stands for

A) Non Terminated File System

B) New Type File System

C) Never Terminated File System

D) New Technology File System

Correct Answer: New Technology File System

11. Which shortcut key is used to create a copyright symbol?

A) Ctrl+Shift+C

B) Ctrl+C

C) Alt+C

D) Alt+Ctrl+C

Correct Answer: Alt+Ctrl+C

12. How many input variables can there be in a NOT Gate?

A) One

B) Three

C) Two

D) Infinite

Correct Answer: One

13. Words that a programming language has set aside for its own use

A) control words

B) reserved words

C) reserved keys

D) control structures

Correct Answer: reserved words

14. Normally keyboard have _____ funcions keys.

A) 10

B) 11

C) 12

D) 5

Correct Answer: 12

15. Which of the following is the fastest type of memory?

A) Primary memory

B) Secondary memory

C) Cache memory

D) External memory

Correct Answer: Cache memory