1. What is the full form of CD-ROM?

A) Compact Data- Read only memory

B) Compact disk-read only memory

C) Computer data-read only memory

D) Copyright data-read only memory

Correct Answer: Compact disk-read only memory

2. An example of C2C is?

A) Facebook.com

B) Microsoft.com

C) eBay.com

D) Amazon.com

Correct Answer: eBay.com

3. ____ change of computer stored message by telecommunication ?

A) E-mail

B) E-Web

C) E-chrat

D) All of the above

Correct Answer: E-mail

4. The ________________option in the alignment tab of Excel, provides to combine cells?

A) Merge cells

B) Wrap

C) Alignment

D) Subscript

Correct Answer: Merge cells

5. A program that translate a entire high -level language program into a machine language program ?

A) Assembler

B) Linker

C) Compiler

D) Interpreter

Correct Answer: Compiler

6. The software used to create slide based presentation is: _________ ?

A) Microsoft office word

B) Microsoft office Excel

C) Microsoft office PowerPoint

D) Microsoft office Access

Correct Answer: Microsoft office PowerPoint

7. You are receiving email from your manager the email has attached 5 MS Word document how many attachment will you be able to view ?

A) 1

B) 5

C) 3

D) 2

Correct Answer: 5

8. Sending an email is similar to ?

A) Writing a letter

B) Drawing a picture

C) Talking on a phone

D) Sending a package

Correct Answer: Writing a letter

9. D.N.S is ?

A) Data Naming system

B) Do name system

C) Domain name system

D) Duplicate naming system

Correct Answer: Domain name system

10. Email stands for ?

A) Electronic man

B) Electromagnetic Mail

C) electronic mail

D) Engine mail  

Correct Answer: electronic mail

11. In Excel, the cell address of 7th row & 7th column is ?

A) F7

B) G7

C) H7

D) E7

Correct Answer: G7

12. To send it to another person_____ the message ?

A) Reply all

B) Forward

C) Copy

D) Reply to

Correct Answer: Forward

13. The function category NOT present in MS-Excel is ______?

A) Logical

B) Series

C) Financial

D) Text

Correct Answer: Series

14. 0What is the full form of MKDIR

A) make directory

B) (a) and (b) both

C) more directory

D) None

Correct Answer: make directory

15. Which of the following is software?

A) Routers

B) Firewall

C) Gateway

D) Modem

Correct Answer: Firewall