1. What does ctrl+shift+Íž do in excel?

A) Insert date

B) Insert time

C) Insert image

D) Insert numbers

Correct Answer: Insert time

2. The ________________option in the alignment tab of Excel, provides to combine cells?

A) Merge cells

B) Wrap

C) Alignment

D) Subscript

Correct Answer: Merge cells

3. The shortcut key used to highlight the entire column in Excel is_________?

A) Ctrl + Space bar

B) Ctrl + C

C) Ctrl + A

D) Ctrl + Tab

Correct Answer: Ctrl + Space bar

4. In MS Excel, the intersection of a row and a column is called a?

A) Square

B) Cell

C) Row

D) Worksheet

Correct Answer: Cell

5. In Excel, the cell address of 7th row & 7th column is ?

A) F7

B) G7

C) H7

D) E7

Correct Answer: G7

6. The function category NOT present in MS-Excel is ______?

A) Logical

B) Series

C) Financial

D) Text

Correct Answer: Series

7. In Excel, which function calculates the regular scheduled payment amount?





Correct Answer: PMT

8. In Excel, the function that displays row data in a column or vice versa is ___________.

A) transpose

B) gateway

C) gateway

D) statistical

Correct Answer: transpose

9. What is the spacing between the lines in the MS Word called?

A) Vertical spacing

B) Double-space

C) Single-space

D) Line-spacing

Correct Answer: Line-spacing

10. In Excel, the contents of the active cell is displayed in __________?

A) Footer bar

B) Tool bar

C) Task bar

D) Formula bar

Correct Answer: Formula bar

11. What is a collection of worksheets in MS Excel called?

A) Worksheet

B) Sheetbook

C) Workbook

D) Excelbook

Correct Answer: Workbook

12. An excel workbook is a collection of ?

A) Charts

B) Work sheets

C) Web pages

D) Both Work sheets and charts

Correct Answer: Work sheets

13. In MS Excel 2010, what operation does F4 performs ?

A) Edit

B) Paste

C) Redo

D) Copy

Correct Answer: Redo

14. Microsoft office is _________?

A) A Browser

B) An application suite

C) An Antivirus

D) An operating system

Correct Answer: An application suite

15. In MS Excel 2010, maximize button is located at the_________.

A) lower right-hand corner

B) lower left-hand corner

C) upper right-hand corner

D) upper left-hand corner

Correct Answer: upper right-hand corner