1. Internal command in Dos are?

A) Cls, rd label

B) Dir, ren, sys

C) Time, type, dir

D) Del, disk copy, label

Correct Answer: Time, type, dir

2. GUI stands for?

A) Graphical User Interface

B) Greater User Interface

C) Graphical Union Interface

D) Graphical User Interest

Correct Answer: Graphical User Interface

3. To copy the contents one file to another this command is used?

A) copy

B) ср

C) cat

D) copy file

Correct Answer: ср

4. Vi Stands for –

A) Video editor

B) Visual editor

C) Virtual editor

D) None of these

Correct Answer: Visual editor

5. 0What is the full form of MKDIR

A) make directory

B) (a) and (b) both

C) more directory

D) None

Correct Answer: make directory

6. PC Program Counter is also called _____?

A) memory pointer

B) instruction pointer

C) data counter

D) file pointer

Correct Answer: instruction pointer

7. Which command is used to copy files in DOS ?

A) Copy

B) Diskcopy

C) Type

D) All of the above

Correct Answer: Copy

8. URL full form is ?

A) Universal Resource Locator

B) Uniform Resource Locator

C) Uni Resource Locator

D) None of these

Correct Answer: Uniform Resource Locator

9. What is triggered when a user clicks a mouse button?

A) An event

B) A click

C) A function

D) A property

Correct Answer: An event

10. The process of loading the operating system and checking all system software & hardware is ?




D) Power-on

Correct Answer: BOOTING

11. ZETA is a/an _______________.

A) virus

B) software

C) operating system

D) application

Correct Answer: operating system

12. The instruction that is Not to be executed immediately is placed in the...........

A) instruction buffer register

B) current instruction register

C) programme counter

D) memory address register

Correct Answer: instruction buffer register

Explanation : The instruction that is Not to be executed immediately is placed in the instruction buffer register .

13. What is the shortcut key to open windows explorer?

A) Windows + E

B) Windows + W

C) Windows + O

D) Ctrl + O

Correct Answer: Windows + E