1. Internal command in Dos are?

A) Cls, rd label

B) Dir, ren, sys

C) Time, type, dir

D) Del, disk copy, label

Correct Answer: Time, type, dir

2. GUI stands for?

A) Graphical User Interface

B) Greater User Interface

C) Graphical Union Interface

D) Graphical User Interest

Correct Answer: Graphical User Interface

3. To copy the contents one file to another this command is used?

A) copy

B) ср

C) cat

D) copy file

Correct Answer: ср

4. Vi Stands for –

A) Video editor

B) Visual editor

C) Virtual editor

D) None of these

Correct Answer: Visual editor

5. 0What is the full form of MKDIR

A) make directory

B) (a) and (b) both

C) more directory

D) None

Correct Answer: make directory

6. PC Program Counter is also called _____?

A) memory pointer

B) instruction pointer

C) data counter

D) file pointer

Correct Answer: instruction pointer

7. Which command is used to copy files in DOS ?

A) Copy

B) Diskcopy

C) Type

D) All of the above

Correct Answer: Copy

8. URL full form is ?

A) Universal Resource Locator

B) Uniform Resource Locator

C) Uni Resource Locator

D) None of these

Correct Answer: Uniform Resource Locator

9. What is triggered when a user clicks a mouse button?

A) An event

B) A click

C) A function

D) A property

Correct Answer: An event

10. The process of loading the operating system and checking all system software & hardware is ?




D) Power-on

Correct Answer: BOOTING

11. ZETA is a/an _______________.

A) virus

B) software

C) operating system

D) application

Correct Answer: operating system