1. ____________option is used to set custom timings for slides in presentation?

A) Slider timings

B) Slider timer

C) Rehearsal

D) Slide show setup

Correct Answer: Rehearsal

2. The software used to create slide based presentation is: _________ ?

A) Microsoft office word

B) Microsoft office Excel

C) Microsoft office PowerPoint

D) Microsoft office Access

Correct Answer: Microsoft office PowerPoint

3. Which is the shortcut key is used to add a new slide in Powerpoint ?

A) Ctrl + M

B) Alt + N

C) Ctrl + S

D) Ctrl + N

Correct Answer: Ctrl + M

4. Special effects used to display slides in a presentation are called?

A) Transitions

B) Annotations

C) Animations

D) Patterns

Correct Answer: Transitions

5. Microsoft office is _________?

A) A Browser

B) An application suite

C) An Antivirus

D) An operating system

Correct Answer: An application suite