It Tools Practise Set 19

1. Rulers option is available in which menu

2. In hyperlink dialog box which option is not available

3. By default, the page size of Libre office writer is _

4. What is the default alignment in libre writer?

5. Watermark option is available in which menu?

6. What is the shortcut to paste special in calc?

7. What is the use of filter in Calc?

8. Which of these is a correct formula?

9. What is the default alignment of Numeric Cell data?

10. What is the shortcut key to open format cell option dialogue box?

11. In Libre Spreadsheet, Rows are labelled as ?

12. What is shortcut key to enter current date in a cell in Libre Spreadsheet?

13. How do you change column width to fit the contents?

14. Maximum number of rows in a Libre Spreadsheet is ?

15. 39. The CALC function counts matching records in a database using criteria and an optional field

16. Which option is used to restrict scrolling of row and column?

17. _____uses filter criteria from specified cells?

18. The DSUM function is a built-in function in Calc that is categorized as a___Function?

19. Which shortcut is used for printing the sheet?

20. What is the file extension of Libre Spreadsheet document?

21. What is the intersection of a column and a row on a worksheet called?

22. If we want to arrange data in ascending or descending order which option should be chosen?

23. One cell format can be copied to another cell by using?

24. 48. The short cut key Ctrl + H is used to ?

25. The cell reference for a range of cells that starts in cell C1 and goes over to column H and down to row 10 is?

26. Which type of program is Libreoffice impress?