It Tools Practice Set 6

1. Who is the father of computer?

2. Who made the greatest contribution to the development of computer was?

3. World computer literacy day is observed on?

4. The transistor was invented by?

5. The full form of OSI?

6. To open MS word by run command,type?

7. Adding data to file, deleting data time to time is called?

8. It is real time operating system?

9. The file system is mostly used in pendrive ?

10. BIOS is stored in?

11. Video message are stored in inbox for..........days?

12. Which shortcut key is used to open a new website or page?

13. what is the full form of e-mail?

14. Used to turn on/off extend code?

15. In an absolute cell address , it is displayed before the row number or column table?

16. what is the default file extension for web files?

17. The computer jagron-www stands for world

18. UNIX is a free,reliable alternative to windows xp

19. Which output device is used for translating information from a computer into pictorial from on paper?

20. AePS allow the banking transaction?

21. Key is used for align RIGHT of the text in LibreOffice writer?

22. Cloud services have a.......relationship with their customers?

23. In writer,search is case sensitive?

24. Arranging data in a particular order is known as sorting?

25. Which of the following layer is an end-to-end?