IT Tools Practise Set 18

1. 1. In Which Generation Time sharing, Real time Network and Distributed Operating Systems were used?

2. The Arithmetic and Logic Unit of computer respond to command coming from?

3. Which of the following storage devices can store maximum amount of data?

4. The saving of data and instruction to make them available for later use is a job

5. What is another name for application software?

6. Operating System of a computer serves as a software interface between the user and____

7. 7. What is the shortcut key to snap app to right?

8. Which component gives you access to all of your computer setting and enable you to install and remove program?

9. A new printer can be added by the printer and scanner option in_

10. What is the shortcut key for taking screenshot of entire display and save?

11. Which option help us to send same letter to different persons

12. What is the Short cut key for Superscript?

13. Which option is selected for case sensitive matching?

14. What is the maximum zoom in of libre Writer?

15. What is the shortcut key of Ruler in libre writer?

16. Default text in LibreOffice Writer is:

17. Which of the following option is not a part of comment pop up

18. In Libre, writer by default Highlighter color_____

19. Which bar is located just below the title bar

20. 20. What is the shortcut key of LibreOffice_Help

21. 21. What is the shortcut key of Save As option in Libre Office?

22. Template option is available under which menu

23. Which of the following feature is not available in Export As option

24. What is the File Extension for Libre office Writer?

25. What is the Default view in LibreOffice writer