It Tools Practice Set 10

1. The use of co-axial cable is called?

2. Who needs Guided Transmission Media?

3. Which of the following topologies is best considered as a server?

4. Which digital signal is converted into analog signal?

5. What is MTA?

6. What is a text file stored on a computer called a web browser?

7. What is the meaning of SNMP?

8. What is an electronic signature that verifies the identity of the sender of a message called?

9. What is the meaning of VIRUS?

10. What is the meaning of IRC?

11. What is the full name of UIDAI?

12. Which of the following is not a function of utility program?

13. What is the full form of COBOL?

14. FORTRON is made by whom?

15. How does the compiler translate?

16. What are commands?

17. Why use the cd command?

18. Which command is used to move up one level in a tree directory?

19. What does G2E mean in e-Governance model?

20. What is the shortcut key to Superscript in LibreOffice Writer?

21. What is the full meaning of URL?

22. Which one of the following is not a version of Windows operating system?

23. Which of the following storage device was used in first generation computers?

24. What is the short cut key to minimize all open windows in Windows XP at once?

25. What is the full meaning of BCC?