It Tools Practice Set 16

1. What is the function of the monitor?

2. The page under PPT is called:

3. For whom is OCR software more beneficial?

4. The design for preparing presentation slides is called?

5. When was Wikipedia started?

6. What is Microsoft Outlook?

7. What is Microsoft Access?

8. What is not the main command of MS Word?

9. What are the types of computer software?

10. When did Hindi enter the mobile operating system?

11. The means of online learning is-

12. Google Classroom can be accessed by-

13. What is the maximum number of participants that can join online in Google Meet?

14. What is Zoom?

15. Student Information System made easy?

16. Which of the following is an international Hindi web magazine?

17. The means of reading books online is -

18. To connect to the e-library, you need -

19. The reason for creation of e-library is-

20. Features of Zoom meeting are-

21. Computer is a part of which software?

22. Page Maker is developed by?

23. What is Corel Draw?

24. What is Unicode?

25. Power point is: