It Tools Practice Set 3

1. Which of these is a search engine?

2. In which mode do computers calculate numbers?

3. How many bits is a byte?

4. Which of the following is not a valid domain name?

5. not an internet protocol?

6. Copying a file from your computer to another computer on the Internet is called uploading.

7. Full meaning of MTA is Mail Transfer Agent.

8. If user wants to copy the file from one location to another, the request line contains the copy method.

9. not an interpreter.

10. Which of the following constitutes a push button?

11. Output of Calc expression =1000/10/2 is.

12. Full meaning of AEPS is ……….

13. Viruses are

14. Which social media is more based on image and video.

15. In LibreOffice [Shift+f3] key is used for Thesaurus.

16. News Groups are also called usenet.

17. Bullets and numbering appear in the "view" menu in LibreOffice Impress.

18. A calc sheet has maximum AMJ number of columns.

19. Internet is a collection of many files.

20. The full name of ISP is Information Source Provider.

21. Browser only allows you to download while surfing the Internet.

22. In LibreOfiec Impress the page has maximum handouts.

23. What command will be given to print the first 5 pages of a document?

24. Typewriter is a type of ……….

25. Which of the following techniques develop the robotic process?