It Tools Practice Set 2

1. The full form of CVV is ______ .

2. ________ memory is used to store the BIOS on the motherboard.

3. The protocol is used by remote login.

4. Dot matrix printer is type of ________

5. What is the size of IPv6 in IP address?

6. Full form of MQTT is ________________ .

7. The full form of Ping is __________.

8. Cache memory works between _____ and _____.

9. An example of an operating system is

10. The language preferred for IoT analytics is _____________ .

11. The main system board of the computer is called ____________ .

12. _______ method is used for Wi-Fi access medium.

13. Full form of IANA is _____________ .

14. Libre office Writer has maximum ZOOM.

15. Number whose base is 16 called ____________ .

16. What is the full name of IOT?

17. Which of the following tag is used for inserting the largest heading in HTML?

18. Which tag is correct for adding a image in webapge ?

19. Emails are limited to text based messaging.

20. POP3 protocol is used to fetch emails from the mailbox.

21. The full meaning of CGI is Common Gateway Interface.

22. A 60 second video can be recorded and posted on Instagram.

23. Hypertext is also called hyperlink.

24. The communication protocol suit is used by the Internet.

25. SMTP is used to send messages.

26. What is the full meaning of TIFF?

27. Which of the following is a valid e-mail address?

28. Which of these is a search engine?