It Tools Practice Set 14

1. The display of monitor is measured in?

2. What is the maximum number of characters in ASCII?

3. How many rows are there in LibreOffice Calc?

4. FORTRAN was developed in?

5. Chrome web browser was developed?

6. How many parts are there in an IP address?

7. Netscape is?

8. What is NEFT used for?

9. Full form of DCL?

10. Which function key is used as a refresh button?

11. Mechanical mouse is known as?

12. CRAY-I is a?

13. ………… is an operating system developed by Apple.

14. A single row that displays a single record is called?

15. UPI is developed by ……….

16. The rules regarding conduct for Internet users are known as ………..

17. What does s stand for in HTTPs?

18. What is the shortcut key to switch between programs in Windows?

19. What is the name of Internet Explorer in Windows 10?

20. What is the full form of WAN?

21. What is the name of the first computer?

22. Which statement is true regarding HDD and SSD?

23. How many types of plotters are there?

24. MasterCard, Rupay, Visa are examples of?

25. What is the full name of SSD?