It Tools Practice Set 12

1. Which of the following was used in second generation computers?

2. Who among the following was the father of bitcoin?

3. What is the shortcut key to view browser history?

4. What color are the number plates of commercial vehicles?

5. Which website is used for any work of Aadhar card?

6. Spam is ......................

7. What color are the number plates of electronic vehicles?

8. Which option is used by mouse to select a line in the file?

9. ............ Graphic is a visual presentation of your information and idea.

10. Which is the most useful media for transmitting data in a network?

11. Which animation is used to rotate a shape or picture?

12. What is the shortcut key to center a word or paragraph in LibreOffice Writer?

13. Which symbol is used before using any formula in Excel?

14. IFSC Code consists of how many digits?

15. Which menu is the master slide command found in LibreOffice Impress?

16. How much data can a typical CD ROM typically store?

17. Where is cryptocurrency stored in the following?

18. What are the IC chips used in computers made of?

19. What are the Alt, Ctrl and Shift keys called?

20. What is the full form of OCR?

21. What can you do with USSD service?

22. Which one of the following is not a type of network?

23. Which of the following is not a system software?

24. What is the full form of ARPANET?

25. What is the full name of MICR?