It Tools Practice Set 8

1. Which method does not enter data in Excel sheet?

2. Which of the following is not a cloud computing service?

3. Which of the following server acts as an intermediary between the other server and the client?

4. Which of the following are an example of malware?

5. The first polish is antivirus software?

6. Where are the instructions to start the computer stored?

7. A footer is printed at the bottom of each page.

8. Can the current date not be inserted in the header section?

9. The two parts of an email address are separated by the @ symbol.

10. Different elements of a cell do not have different transitions?

11. When a formatted number does not fit in a cell, it is displayed as a number (######).

12. You can avail USSD services by dialing *99#.

13. When a memory chip can store up to 100 KB i.e. it can hold data up to 100,000 bytes.

14. Transpose Function displays the data of the row in the column and the data of the column in the row.

15. The base of the octal number system is 7.

16. Alt+Space+bar Key is not used to open Control menu in LibreOffice Calc.

17. =ROUND(2.15,1) is entered in a cell, what will be the output?

18. jpg is the extension of an audio file.

19. Which of the following keyboard shortcuts is used to exit LibreOffice?

20. What is the maximum font size in Libreoffice writer?

21. What user needs to do to make payment through UPI?

22. The USSD code starts with ………… and ends with ……….

23. Which of the following is not a type of e-governance?

24. Which mobile app is used to get access to government services?

25. Which is the first tab of the menu bar?