It Tools Practice Set 17

1. How many parts does an E-mail have?

2. The worlds largest search engine is?

3. Who is considered the first blogger of Hindi?

4. When was Swayam Portal established?

5. E-mail is used?

6. What are hardware and software parts?

7. The year of the beginning of computer era in India is?

8. The brain of the computer is called:

9. Central Processing Unit is abbreviated as:

10. What is computer?

11. Not part of the computer?

12. Which is considered to be the first computer?

13. Indias first super computer is:

14. The device which receives data from the computer and displays it is called:

15. Who developed the HEC-2M?

16. Keyboard shortcut for navigating across multiple open windows is :

17. The largest unit of data measurement among following is

18. To view information on the web you must have a

19. The command to create a new directory in LINUX is :

20. The instruction about booting your system is stored in :

21. which of these is a bootloader for Windows 10?

22. Convert 101110 into decimal notation.

23. Which among the following is the fastest?

24. Internet Explorer was launched in:

25. SMS stands for ...................................