It Tools Practice Set 5

1. Who is the discoverer of email?

2. Examples are Linux, OS X, Mac OS etc.

3. CVV means Card Verification Value, it is on credit and debit cards.

4. Which of the following is a method of transferring funds through the Internet?

5. What was the name of the first graphical browser?

6. What is a network of two or more computers that use the same program to communicate with each other called?

7. What is another name for tuple in database?

8. Daisy Wheel Printer is also called Golf Printer.

9. RAM is used to store _______.

10. Who translates a program written in a high level language into machine code?

11. What is the shortcut to insert function in libreoffice calc?

12. Which menu is the Slide Transition command in libreoffice impress?

13. What is the full form of ORS?

14. Is it necessary to attach Signature with Email?

15. Justin Hall is known as the founder of Personal Blogging.

16. What is Blockchain?

17. UMANG is integrated with _______?

18. What is the shortcut key for Help?

19. ##### comes when the formula error occurs in Calc.

20. Libre Office Writer does not have a menu.

21. The shortcut key for Cell Edit Mode is F2.

22. In Writer, it is asked to draw a line under the text.

23. Writer is the file name of the document by default.

24. There is maximum row in Calc.

25. There is a shortcut key to add cells to Calc.