Web Design Practice Set 8

1. How many columns are there in the basic grid of w3-css.

2. Captcha is a program used to convert computer.

3. What is the shortcut key to make a duplicate layer of a layer?

4. Which menu are the options in Notepad++, Find and Replace?

5. There is an alternative to JavaScript on the Windows platform

6. What is CMS in Web Design?

7. The back-end code runs on the client side and the front-end on the server side.

8. The CSS property used to make text bold is?

9. What does SGML mean?

10. Adobe Photoshop is free software.

11. What does <main> contain?

12. The w3-container class adds a .............px left and right padding to any HTML element.

13. uses the internet

14. Which tag is used with Javascript?

15. What type of information should you avoid including on your web site?

16. Block elements are normally displayed without starting a new line.

17. Back end web development is the development of the graphical user interface of a website.

18. Which feature was introduced before HTML5?

19. A software that prevents external access to a systems is termed as

20. Which of the following is best suited for networking in a Building?

21. Word Wrap feature is available in Notepad.

22. Notepad is a proprietary text editor.

23. Notepad++ is a proprietary text editor.

24. The w3-tooltip class can display all kinds of alert boxes.

25. No..................... is required while building a website with w3.css.