Web Design Practice Set 2

1. Paint Brush is a text editor.

2. Notepad is a text editor.

3. Bracket Adobe Inc. is an open source code editor.

4. What is the extension of Notepad file?

5. Which item is not in Notepad menu bar?

6. How many bits are the IP address in IPv4?

7. Which of the following is not a valid image format?

8. Which web publishing tool developed by Microsoft.

9. What is the name of the first super computer?

10. The keyword or property you use to refer to an object is _________

11. what is an applet?

12. Web traffic on the Internet is transferred through FTP.

13. Jquery is a JavaScript library?

14. Server, application and database comes in the back end of the website.

15. Inline CSS is used to give a unique style to a single element?

16. w3-responsive class does not create a responsive table?

17. Which of the following attributes specifies the name of the image file?

18. HTML allows us to use ___ levels of headings.

19. What is the attribute of Meta tag?

20. The extension of CSS file is .cs.

21. The default value of border-style is ridge.

22. Which part of HTML metadata is contained?

23. which attribute is used to make a link which open in a new window tab?

24. Table data or cells in HTML tables are defined by ?

25. Which of the following is used to read and render HTML pages?