Web Design Practice Set 3

1. What is the correct syntax of doctype in HTML5?

2. Which of the following is an HTML paragraph tag?

3. Which HTML element is used for short quote?

4. What model www is based on?

5. Internet and World Wide Web are same.

6. ARPANET was the worlds first operational pactet switched network.

7. Which of the following CSS selectors are used to specify a set of elements?

8. Which of the following tag is used to embed css in html page?

9. which of the following text, list, box, margin, border, color and background properties have been introduced?

10. Which one of the following should be clicked to save the existing Notepad window?

11. Which shortcut key is used for “Find Next” function in Notepad+?

12. The extension of Notepad program is .text.

13. What is one gigabyte equal to?

14. Which element is used to get the highlighted text in HTML5?

15. Which HTML tag is used to show deleted text?

16. Which of the following extension is used to save HTML file?

17. Which tag is used to make blank line in HTML?

18. Which one performs the same function as <b> tag?

19. Which HTML tag is used for YouTube videos?

20. Which of the following is not a newly added tag in HTML5?

21. Which of the following attribute is used to display date/time content?

22. Which protocol is supported by Android browser?

23. What is JavaScript?

24. Which of the following is true about JavaScript?

25. Which of the following is not a JavaScript data type?