Web Design Practice Set 4

1. Which of the following can be used to call JavaScript Code Snippet?

2. What is the difference between JavaScript and Java?

3. Which of the following is not a framework?

4. Which of the following is not an error in JavaScript?

5. the extension of JavaScript file?

6. We cannot put JS code in body tag.

7. JavaScript is executed on the web server?

8. Some of these are valid character sets?

9. The website has a collection of:

10. The CSS property used to specify the transparency of an element is -

11. Web browser is an example of?

12. Which of the following directive is used to start Angular JS application?

13. Which type of JavaScript language is ___?

14. The first tag inside the <TABLE> tag is _______?

15. What is the correct syntax to place a line above the text?

16. Who do we access using the World Wide Web?

17. The backend of any working website is created by mixing HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

18. World With Web is the full form of WWW?

19. Increasing cellpadding means increasing the distance between the cell and the content.

20. Eyedropper tool shortcut key is E.

21. HTML can only use tags defined within the language.

22. Which empty tags are tags that do not require a closing tag to complete.

23. The font-family property is used to change the text font in HTML.

24. All normal webpages have body and frameset.

25. The back-end code runs on the client side and the front-end on the server side.