Web Design Practice Set 5

1. The w3-container class adds 24px of left and right padding to any HTML element.

2. Which of the following is used to read and render HTML page?

3. DNS translates to ………….

4. Once an email is sent, the message is broken into pieces called ……….

5. The ............. attribute adds space within each cell?

6. Tables can be nested.

7. Choose the correct HTML element for the largest title.

8. How can we write comment with CSS code?

9. Which of the following selector selects any tag with ID attribute set?

10. Which of the following is filter in Angular Js?

11. HTML and CSS faster to render than to interpret and execute Javascript?

12. Padding property is allowed using Negative Values.

13. External Javascript file must contain <script> tag.

14. Javascript is similar to Java.

15. Angular JS is completely based on HTML and JavaScript.

16. TELNET Protocol is working on port 24.

17. JavaScript is case-sensitive.

18. We can create custom directive in Angular JS.

19. We can use SVG tags directly in HTML 5 without any plugin.

20. Six new semantic properties were introduced in HTML 5.

21. The browser uses the compiler for web page display.

22. ASP pages are active web pages.

23. HTML is similar to a scripting language.

24. SAX is the parser for XML processing.

25. the IP address of the system changes, the domain name will change.