Python Practice Set 8

1. What is the char data type in Python language?

2. When the same function is called inside a function, then it is called.

3. /* */ is used to enter comments in Python code.

4. What is a function called when it is defined inside a class?

5. _______ provides a pictorial representation of the given problem.

6. Which of the following is an invalid variable?

7. What is the type of each element in sys.argv?

8. What is the symbol used for below in Python?

9. Which of the following statements is true?

10. What is the answer to this expression 22%3

11. Which of the following is not a keyword in python language?

12. What is a variable defined outside a function called?

13. What will be the output of the following python code print(2**3)

14. Which of the following sorts the elements of tuple?

15. Which of the following operators can be used on tuples?

16. Which of the following is used to create an empty set?

17. All keywords in Python are in _________

18. Python supports the creation of anonymous functions at runtime, using a construct called __________

19. Which of the following functions is a built-in function in python?

20. Which of these is the definition for packages in Python?

21. Which module in the python standard library parses options received from the command line?

22. What is output of print(math.pow(3, 2))?

23. Which of the following functions clears the regular expression cache?

24. Which statement will read 5 characters from a file(file object ‘f’)?

25. Which function open file in python?