Python Practice Set 2

1. Which arithmetic operators cannot be used with strings in Python?

2. Char is a valid data type in Python.

3. Compound statement contains therapy statements.

4. In Python programming, is pass a NULL statement?

5. Variables can be removed using the del keyword.

6. The _________ symbol is used at the beginning of a flow chart.

7. What will be the output of 2**(3**2), (2**3)**2 ,2**3**2.

8. Python allows programming in Object-Oriented and Procedural paradigms.

9. A tuple is a collection of objects that are ordered and immutable.

10. A variable name must begin with a letter or underscore character.

11. x, y, z = "Orange", "Banana", "Cherry" Is this statement false.

12. You can use the + operator to join or concatenate two strings.

13. Booleans have two values: True or False.

14. Debugging is used.

15. A module is a set of functions that you want to include in your application.

16. How are operators with the same precedence evaluated?

17. In the passage of text, the individual words and punctuation marks are known as?

18. Which of the following is not a core data type?

19. Required arguments are arguments passed to a function in the correct positional order.

20. The type of inf is …….?

21. Pass statement allows the program to pass through a piece of code without performing any action.

22. Python 3.0 final was released

23. Which of the following cannot be used as identifiers?

24. The operator used to join two strings is + ?

25. The * operator does not repeat a list for a given number of items.