Python Practice Set 5

1. Tower of Honoi puzzle was built by __________.

2. Enumerate() is a method in Python that is used to assign an index to each item of an iterable object.

3. Identify the sequence of steps to execute a program.

4. print(3**4) What will be the output after executing this?

5. Which statement is not correct about list data type?

6. What is the variable starting with double underscore called in python?

7. Which symbol cannot be used while creating a variable in python?

8. remove method removes the item of set,list, then which statement is correct for remove() method?

9. What will be its output? print("Examjila[-1]")

10. What is a variable name starting with a single underscore called?

11. Which of the following is not a correct statement about set data type?

12. Full form of EOL is

13. Where are triple quotes used?

14. Which is not a method to remove extra space from string?

15. What are the character data types in python?

16. Which symbol is used to define list, tuple, set, dictionary?

17. String can be accessed by index value?

18. Which statement is not correct for slicing in string? a="examjila"

19. What does the input() function return in python?

20. How many types of typecasting in python?

21. The output of print("10" + 15) will be?

22. Command Prompt is part of the Operating System

23. Which of the following is the fourth generation programming language?

24. Python does not support Functional Programming.

25. In Python, what can be passed to a function as an argument?