Python Practice Set 4

1. How can we change the size of Numpy array in python?

2. True = False, what will be the output if the value of True is printed?

3. The examination of step by step program is called Stepping?

4. The keys of the dictionary can be accessed using values?

5. What is data type (1)?

6. Docstring is a string literal which is represented by triple quotes to provide the specification of some program element?

7. Which function is used to convert integer value to string?

8. What is the function of PIP in python?

9. Correct output statement. if print(100/0)

10. Which function is used to get the ASCII value of a character?

11. Which function is used to convert a valid ASCII number to a character?

12. What is the equality operator in python?

13. When a function is defined inside a class, it is called an object.

14. zeros() method creates an array and by default fills all values ​​with 1?

15. eye() method is available in __________?

16. The numpy library was created in the year _________?

17. When a function returns multiple values, it is in the form of____________

18. A package is a __________, which contains multiple _________?

19. [::-1] reverses array or sequence?

20. Can we use return keyword with lamda() function?

21. To create a class in python, _______ keyword is used?

22. Does _________ overload the + operator?

23. A namespace is a container where the object is mapped to ________?

24. The seek() method returns the current position of the file object.

25. ________ is a NULL statement in Python?