Python Practice Set 6

1. Can two variables refer to the same object or not, with the ______ operator?

2. slice operator does not work on list and tuple

3. The type of Python Variable and Expression ________ is decided?

4. In python, the in and not in operator is known as Membership Operator?

5. a=[(1,1),(1,2),(1,3),(1,4)] What type of data is it?

6. Which keyword is used for function in Python?

7. E stands for Entry in LEGB Rule.

8. What is the above keyword to import module in python program?

9. ________ tools that help in finding bugs or doing static analysis?

10. In Python, is Mutable built-in Data-type?

11. A Python documentation string is known as a docstring.

12. What is Django, Pyramid and Flask in Python?

13. PEP Stands for .....................

14. Python is a free, open source, statically typed, interpreted and portable language.

15. and, or, not, if, elif, Else, for, while, break and as python are keywords, their total number is.

16. What do the following symbols represent?

17. When an algorithm is written as a programming language, it becomes.

18. Which of the following is not a keyword of Python?

19. Which of the following expression has highest precedence?

20. Which of the following is true about python?

21. Which of the following environment variables tells the Python interpreter where to locate the module files imported into a program?

22. Which of the following data types is not supported in Python?

23. Which of the following dictionary functions returns all the keys of the dictionary?

24. Reserved keyword in python select() reserved keyword in python?

25. Which statement is correct ?