IOT Practice Set 6

1. What is the full form of WSN?

2. AMQP uses UDP protocol.

3. Arduino IDE Provides Environment.

4. LCD is a display device.

5. Conditional statements cannot be used in arduino programming?

6. The code once written cannot be uploaded to the arduino board.

7. IoT supports both wired and wireless communication.

8. Cloud is part of the IOT Architecture.

9. Float is a valid data type of Embedded C Language.

10. Embedded C Language does not support Function calls

11. Arduino only provides digital input port.

12. Conditional statements cannot be used in Arduino programming.

13. Cloud, IoT It is part of the IoT architecture.

14. How many types of arduinos do we have?

15. How many digital pins does a UNO board have?

16. Which is the first board to use a microcontroller in build USB?

17. How many times does the setup() function run in the Arduino IDE?

18. _______ function configures the input/output pins.

19. How many milliseconds are there in a second?

20. Arduino Uno has only digital pin?

21. Arduino Uno is the most popular type of arduino board?

22. Arduino is introduced by _________?

23. Which language is the Arduino IDE written?

24. According to Dacis, personality is a psychic phenomenon Which is :

25. Personality is derived from Latin word - "persona", meaning: