IOT Practice Set 2

1. The standard ports of MQTT are __________.

2. How many messages will HTTP send per hour?

3. How many messages will HQTTP send in 1024?

4. How many types of message formats are there in the HTTP protocol?

5. Does HTTP have pipelining?

6. Which type of electronic document has public-key?

7. Which of the following is not the correct way to secure the communication layer?

8. The ............ hack, is one of the most famous IoT security attacks?

9. Common words and passwords that can be easily guessed such as "password" or "123456789" should be avoided.

10. Always use a strong encryption method like WPA2 when setting up Wi-Fi network access.

11. ARM7 has in-built debugging device?

12. The analog signal in __________ is __________.

13. Sample and hold circuit is a _______ circuit.

14. To avoid aliasing we use a __________ filter.

15. Does HomePod allow voice control?

16. Sonos is a system that uses ________ wireless speakers.

17. What is the standard port number of MQTT?

18. Which interface does the fingerprint sensor use?

19. Which of the following protocols is used by USART?

20. What is the full form of HDLC?

21. What is another name for I2C?

22. Secure digital card application uses which of the following protocols?

23. What does MOSI mean?

24. What is the range of z-wave?

25. Which of the following topology is used for ZigBee Smart Energy?