IOT Practice Set 5

1. MQTT is a transport layer protocol.

2. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a wired communication system.

3. Which of the following is a network layer protocol?

4. What is the full form of VNC?

5. Which layer of the OSI Model compresses the data?

6. What is the full name of SISO?

7. Is MQTT protocol better than HTTP for sending and receiving data?

8. Fiber Optic Cable is__________media?

9. What is the full name of RISC?

10. Which touch screen glass is made of overlay?

11. ...................... not included in actuator?

12. What is the full form of AVR?

13. What is sensor output device?

14. What is the full name of PIC?

15. Which symbol is used to calculate Modules in Arduino?

16. Arduino Uno has 6 analog input pins which are labeled _______.

17. Can I write an Arduino program in Java programming language instead of C/C++ programming language?

18. What is the meaning of p in Atmega328p?

19. What is the full form of MQTT?

20. What is the full form of GPIO?

21. Which of the following communication medium supports the highest data rate?

22. What is the full form of IIOT?

23. What are the challenges in IoT?

24. _____________ is useful in identifying tags, device, smart phone?

25. Which protocol interacts with UDP asynchronously?