IOT Practice Set 1

1. The following databases are recommended for unstructured data for IoT applications.

2. Device authentication in Azure is provided by

3. Viforia Stodia is a product of PTC which is used for which of the following IOT application area?

4. Which of the following comes in LPWAN Technology?

5. Which of the following protocols is a publish-subscribe architecture?

6. On which of the following standards is ZigBee based?

7. Which of the following protocols is based on the REST architecture?

8. Raspbian OS used in Raspberry Pi is based on which of the following OS?

9. Which of the following is a light weight protocol used for IoT applications?

10. Which of the following are IoT platforms?

11. RFID provides a simple, economical, versatile option for identification and access tokens, bootstrapping connections and payments.

12. Low-rate private area networks are created by radio protocols such as ZigBee, Z-Wave and Thread.

13. An important upgrade of LTE technology is LTE-A and LTE is divided.

14. Gyroscope is a proximity sensor used in IoT.

15. IoT has simplified the energy management and monitoring process while maintaining low cost and high level of accuracy.

16. The entire system of all transport elements like traffic control, parking, fuel consumption etc. are applications of IoT.

17. While no transmission is taking place, Gainspans GS2000 makes optimum use of power by keeping the device in an energy-saving standby mode.

18. Bluegiga apx4 supports both ble and wi-fi.

19. The use of the Internet of Things (IoT) architecture in production is referred to as the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

20. IOT also has some disadvantages like privacy of data, security of object, complexity of implementation

21. API enables portability of services between _________

22. The Global Sensor Network is created for _________.

23. Is not Arduino open-source?

24. What is included in Windows 10 IoT enterprise OS?

25. Who created MQTT?