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Communication Skills Questions

Communication Skills 1. What do you understand by the term of'communication'?2. Define verbal commnication?3. Define communication style?4. What do you mean by basis listening communication?5. What is an interview?6.

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CCC Online Test 30 Questions | Important CCC 30 Questions

if you are prepairing for NIELIT CCC examination and you are searching for important CCC questions for your exam, don't worry i am bring 30 CCC most important

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100 ChatGPT MCQ (Multiple Choice MCQs) -

1. What is ChatGPT? A) Virus B) Input Device C) Computer Program D) None Correct Answer: Computer Program Explanation: ChatGPT is a Computer Program based on Artificial Intelligence(AI).   2. ChatGPT Initialy Released in year A) 2010 B)

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