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CCC Online Test 30 Question

1. Founder of Ubuntu
A) Charls babbage
B) Mark zukerbarg
C) Sundar pichai
D) Mark Shuttleworth
Correct Answer: Mark Shuttleworth

2. What is the Full form of DVD ?
A) digital value disk
B) digital versatile disk
C) dual versatile disk
D) direct versatile disk
Correct Answer: digital versatile disk

3. ________ memory is used to store BIOS on the motherboard.
D) None of the Above
Correct Answer: ROM

4. ASCII stands for
A) American standard code for information interface
B) Abaacus standard code for information interface
C) American standard code for information interchange
D) None
Correct Answer: American standard code for information interchange

5. Full form of UPS is
A) Unimportant power supply
B) Uninterrupted power supply
C) Unwanted power supply
D)None of these
Correct Answer: Uninterrupted power supply

10. What is the file extension of the template in LibreOffice Writer?
Correct Answer: .ott

11. Which protocol is used to download mail from the server?
D) All three
Correct Answer: POP3

12. Which of the following is not a 3D modeling software?
A) Google Sketchup
B) Finextra
C) Blender
D) Nobody
Correct Answer: Finextra

13. How much rupees can be sent through BHIM UPI in a day?
A) 50 thousand
B) 70 thousand
C) 40 thousand
D) 1 lakh
Correct Answer: 1 lakh

14. What is the name of the cloud service launched by Amazon?
A) Cortana
D) all
Correct Answer: AWS

15. What is the full form of QR Code?
A) Quality Response Code
B) Quick Response Code
C) Quick Response Card
D) Nobody
Correct Answer: Quick Response Code

16. What is the port number of HTTP?
A) 80
B) 25
C) 443
D) Nobody
Correct Answer: 80

17. In which year Mozilla browser was launched?
A) 2008
B) 1999
C) 2001
D) 2002
Correct Answer: 2002

18. Which is the highest denomination note issued by the Reserve Bank of India? A) 500₹
B) 20000 ₹
C) Rs.1000
D) 2000 ₹
Correct Answer: 2000₹

19. What is the work of ISP?
A) Securing the network
B) Providing firewall
C) Speeding up the computer
D) Providing internet service
Correct Answer: Providing internet service

20. Which tag is used to make the text bold?
D) Both A and B
Correct Answer: Both A and B

21. Which shortcut key is used to start the slide from the current slide in Libreoffice impress?
A) F6
B) F5
C) Shift + F5
D) Alt + F5
Correct Answer: Shift + F5

22. Which bank first started Mutual Fund?
B) UCO bank
D) Aryavart bank
Correct Answer: SBI

23. In which year Internet started in the banks of India?
A) 1994
B) 1995
C) 1996
D) 1998
Correct Answer: 1996

24. What is the maximum number of people we can add in Telegram Group?
A) 50000
B) 100000
C) 500000
D) 200000
Correct Answer: 200000

25. The full form of IECT is-
A) Integrated Electronic and Communication Technology
B) Information Electronics and Computer Technology
C) Information Electronics and Communication Technology
D) Nobody
Correct Answer: Information Electronics and Communication Technology

26. What is the shortcut key to close the active window?
A) Ctrl+F4
B) Shift+F4
C) Alt+F4
D) Nobody
Correct Answer: Alt+F4

27. What is the max font size in LibreOffice Writer?
A) 98
B) 92
C) 72
D) 96
Correct Answer: 96

28. In which menu is the merge cell command available in LibreOffice Calc?
A) Style Menu
B) Tools menu
C) Format Menu
D) Edit Menu
Correct Answer: Format Menu

29. The full form of USSD is-
A) Unwanted Supplementary Service Data
B) Unstructured Supplementary System Data
C) Unstructured Supplementary Service Data
D) Nobody
Correct Answer: Unstructured Supplementary Service Data

30. What is the by default file extension for LibreOffice Impress?
Correct Answer: .ODP


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