Computer Organization Set 1

Computer Organization Set 1

1. Which one of the following is universal gate?

2. A ____________ is a circuit with only one output but can have multiple inputs.

3. User programs interact with I/O devices through:

4. Which one of the following CPU registers holds the address of the instructions (instructions in the program stored in memory) to be executed next?

5. An interrupt for which hardware automatically transfers the program to a specific memory location is known as:

6. The permission -rwxr–r– represented in octal expression will be

7. Which Linux command can be used to create a new user account?

8. Which command is used to terminate a process? A) B) C) D)

9. Which of the following command can you execute to count the number of lines in a file?

10. The chown command is used to change the owner of a file.

11. With what command can you see your user name?

12. PATH is an environment variable. State True or False

13. Aliases let you create shortcuts to commands.

14. Bus is dedicated transmission media. State True or False

15. How to run a process in the background?

16. The signal sent to a process when the Ctrl-C key is pressed is:

17. What is an ISR?

18. What is a shell script?

19. The first line in any shell script begins with a _____.

20. Which of the following are correct features of CPU?

21. CPU controls the operation of all parts of the computer.

22. Redirection is a process of switching of the standard stream of data.

23. ______ is used as an intermediate to extend the processor BUS.

24. Causing the CPU to step through a series of micro operations is called Sequencing.

25. Which of the following is a type of computer architecture?