C++ Practice Set 1

C++ Practice Set 1

1. Which of the following provides a reuse mechanism?

2. Which of the following statement is correct?

3. Which of the following concepts means determining at runtime what method to invoke?

4. Which of the following term is used for a function defined inside a class?

5. Who developed C++?

6. Which of the following user-defined header file extension used in c++?

7. Which of the following is not the member of class?

8. Which traversal of tree resembles the breadth first search of the graph?

9. The data structure required for Breadth First Traversal on a graph is?

10. Which of the following is not a noncomparison sort?

11. What is an external sorting algorithm?

12. Which of the following is used for solving the N Queens Problem?

13. Representation of data structure in memory is known as?

14. Circular Queue is also known as ________.

15. Which of the following is a Divide and Conquer algorithm?

16. Which of the following is not a stable sorting algorithm?

17. Which of the following is the correct identifier?

18. Which of the following refers to characteristics of an array?

19. Single-dimensional arrays are always considered as linear arrays.

20. Which of the following statement is true?

21. Which data type can be used to hold a wide character in C++?

22. RTTI stands for_______

23. Which one is not a correct variable type in C++?

24. A C++ code line ends with Semicolon(;).

25. A ponter pointing to a variable that is not initialized is called ____