1. Which of the following provides a reuse mechanism?

A) Abstraction

B) Inheritance

C) Dynamic binding

D) Encapsulation

Correct Answer: Inheritance

Explanation : Inheritance provides a reuse mechanism.

2. Which of the following term is used for a function defined inside a class?

A) Class function

B) Classic function

C) Member function

D) Member Variable

Correct Answer: Member function

Explanation : In C++ Programming, member function term is used for a function defined inside a class

3. Which of the following is not the member of class?

A) Virtual function

B) Friend function

C) Static function

D) Const function

Correct Answer: Friend function

4. Representation of data structure in memory is known as?

A) Storage structure

B) File structure

C) Recursive

D) Abstract Data Type

Correct Answer: Abstract Data Type

5. RTTI stands for_______

A) Runtime type identification

B) Runtime template identification

C) Robust Template Type Inheritance

D) None

Correct Answer: Runtime type identification

Explanation : RTTI stands for Runtime type identification.