If you are a o level course candidate, then this post is very helpful for you in this post we are going to talk about a platform, where you can give o level online test for free. so make sure read this article completly.

O Level Online Test

if you don't know what is the syllabus of o level you can check it out here. We cover every topic and lesson of every subject of o level to make a online o level test.

We provide these o level online test are both o level topic wise online test and miscellaneous online o level online test.

In this test series you can give test in both hindi or english language. if you want to give o level online test in hindi you give here.

And if you want to give online test in english then you click here for topic wise test.

and visit on https://primegyan.com/online-test/ for english o level test.

Online O Level Test

Here we are list all the o level course subject and it's online test link. so you can go directly on online test page.

Subject Name Subject Code Test Link
Information Technology Tools and Network Basics M1-R5 Start M1-R5 Test
Web designing and publishing M2-R5 Start M2-R5 Test
Programming and problem solving through python M3-R5 Start M3-R5 Test
Intenet of Things and its applications M4-R5 Start M4-R5 Test


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Your friends can see your score any time, and also give same test which you were attempt.

We are working hard to provide very smooth user experience and better content.

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