In this post we are gonna to share old question paper for INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT  and Previous yeear paper IMED. So Let's Discuss..


Time: 2:30 Hours]                                          [Maximum Marks : 50
i) Attempt all questions.
ii) Students are advised to specially check the Numerical Data of question paper in both versions. If there is any
difference in Hindi Translation of any question, the students should answer the question according to the English
iii)Use of Pager and Mobile Phone by the students is not allowed.

Q1) Answer any two parts of the following :            (2x5=10)
a) Describe the role of entreprencur in economic growth of country.
b) Define partnership. Distinguish between partnership and role trading.
c) What factors should be considered in all selection of product.

Q2) Answer any two parts of the following :             (2x5=10)
a) What is project report? Explain the characteristics of project report briefly.
b) What do you mean by project appraisal? Discuss it.
c) What is difference between entrepreneur and manager?

Q3) Answer any two parts of the following:                 (2x5=10)
a) Explain the importance of management.
b) Differentiate between democratic leader and autocratic leader.
c) What are the different types of intellectual property. Explain any one of them.

Q4) Answer any two parts of the following:                  (2x5=10)
a) Explain the meaning and importance of motivation.
b) What do you mean by double entry system and also explain its advantages,
c) Discuss briefly, the methods of performance appraisal.

Q5) Write short notes on any four of the following :        (4×2.5=10)
A) A.B.C. analysis of stock
B) G.S.T.
C) Professional ethics.
D) Line organisation
E)Sales promotion
F) Balance sheet