In this post we are going to share some questions based on cloud computing. 

1. Define cloud computing. What are the major challenges in cloud computing?

2. Write the applications of cloud computing and it's Advantages.

3. Explain different service models of cloud computing.

4. What are private and public clouds? Give examples of each.

5. What is cloud? Explain about major cloud service provider.

6. What is SLA? Explain SLA management process.

7. Explain different types of virtualization.

8. What is hypervisor? Explain it's benefits.

9. Write note on Legal issues in Cloud Computing.

10. Write the challenges of storage Area Network.

11. Explain scheduling problems in cloud.

12. Write note on storage as a service.

13. Explain different types of scheduling.

14. What is static and dynamic scheduling.

15. Write the benefits of infrastructure security.