In this post, we are going to share class 10 computer application question with answer. so lets start....

 Half Yearly Examinations
Class - 10
Subject - Computer 

1.1 Multiple choice questions. (1*10=10)

1. To copy the contents one file to another this command is used -
(a) copy
(b) ср
(c) cat
(d) copy file
Correct Answer: cp
2. Laser printer work like a
(a) Fax machine
(b) telegraph machine
(c) CRT
(d) photocopy machine
Correct Answer: photocopy machine
3. Which connection is available through telephone lines
(a) Dial up
(b) Leased Lines
(c) ISDN
(d) both a and b
Correct Answer: both a and b
4. Bit are transferred sequentially one by one one in -
(a) Analog transmission
(b) parallel transmission
(c) Serial transmission
(d) None of these
Correct Answer: Serial Transmission
5. In which topology HUB is used -
(a) Ring Topolog
(b) Star Topology
(c) Bus Topology
(d) None
Correct Answer: Star Topology
6. In which communication network, satellite is used -
(a) LAN
(b) MAN
(c) WAN
(d) None
Correct Answer: WAN 
7. Through computer network we can share
(a) Hardware resources
(b) Software application
(c) Printer
(d) All of these
Correct Answer: All of these
8. Vi Stands for -
(a) Video editor
(b) Visual editor
(c) Virtual editor
(d) None of these
Correct Answer: Visual Editor
9. What is the full form of mkdir -
(a) make directory
(b) more directory
(c) (a) and (b) both
(d) None
Correct Answer: make directory
10. MICR is a device which is used to read documents like
(a) letters
(b) postcards
(c) greeting cards
(d) cheques
Correct Answer: cheques

1.2 Very Short answer type questions -( 2x3=6)

1. How many type transmission method.
    Ans.: The transmission mode is classified into three types : simplex, half duplex, and full duplex.
2. In which mode communication is unidirections?
    Ans.: Simplex mode is a transmission mode in which information is sent in one direction only So Right answer will be simplex. 
3. Write the full form of MAN.
    Ans.: Metropolitan Area Network

1.3 Short answer type question-(6*5)

1. Explain Client server network.
2. Write the basic features of LIUM system.
3. Describe LAN.
4. Write the benefit of computer Networking.
5. Short Notes on Terrestrial Microwave.
6. Write the adventaze of computer Network.

1.4 Long answer type questions (7x2=14)

1. What is GUI. Write Advantage and Disadvantage of GUI
2. Write the comopents of LINUX system.