Computer MCQ Set 3

1. What is the full form of BMP?

2. Email stands for ?

3. In Excel, the cell address of 7th row & 7th column is ?

4. All of the following provide intranet security except?

5. Vi Stands for –

6. Which of the following is not logical topology?

7. To send it to another person_____ the message ?

8. The function category NOT present in MS-Excel is ______?

9. Secure Sockets Layers does which of the following?

10. 0What is the full form of MKDIR

11. The width of the file extension in MS Office 2007 has _______characters?

12. Which of the following is software?

13. When sending an email the_______ line describes the content of the message ?

14. In Excel, which function calculates the regular scheduled payment amount?

15. If a hospital sets up a web based information system that doctors could access the report of patient from other epartment and then prescribe to patient, that would be an example of a ?

16. PC Program Counter is also called _____?

17. In MS Word, what is used to replace a word with its synonym?

18. Laser printer work like a ?

19. Which of the following term is associated with internet/ email ?

20. In Excel, the function that displays row data in a column or vice versa is ___________.

21. The concept of electronic cash is to execute payment by?

22. Which command is used to copy files in DOS ?

23. What is the spacing between the lines in the MS Word called?

24. Through computer network we can share ?

25. stmp satand for ?